Professionals in KR&Partners have accumulated extensive experience
in the field of finance, consulting and accounting.
Our expertise and professional experience will assist our clients by creating extraordinary value.
Talented and passionate professionals in KR&Partners will consistently endeavor to deliver the best outcome for our clients.
Kim, Daejoong
Chief Executive Officer / Partner
Mr. Kim is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KR&Partners.
As he has advised on numerous M&A transactions for more than 20 years,
he has extensive deal experience and network in various industries.
Chung-Ang Univ. B.A. in Business Admin.
Manager, Daewoo Securities
Yoo, Seihyun
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Yoo, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer / Partner of KR&Partners,
has advised on M&A transactions for more than 20 years. He has broad
experience and exceptional track record in business consulting area with his
background in the global consulting firm prior to joining M&A advisory firm.
Yonsei Univ. B.A. in Business Admin.
Consultant, Bain & Company
Managing Director, MVP Capital
Professor, Institute of Financial Investment
Senior Managing Director, Heritage Partners
Senior Managing Director, KUDOS
Kim, Soohan
Senior Managing Director / Partner
Mr. Kim, the co-founder of KR&Partners, has advised on M&A transactions
over the last 18 years. He has managed numerous M&A transactions,
especially those related to retail and distribution business.
Yonsei Univ. M.B.A.
Consultant, Seoul IR
Director, IR KUDOS
Managing Director, KUDOS
Key Professionals
Jeong, Seongyoon Managing Director

Univ. of Seoul B.S. in Taxation
Consultant, PwC
Consultant, Ernst & Young
Vice President, KUDOS
Jang, Hochul Managing Director

Chung-Ang Univ. B.A. in Law
Consultant, Gleason & Koatz Law Firm
Consultant, KITIA Global M&A Desk
Vice President, KUDOS
Lee, Jeonghyun Managing Director

Univ. of Seoul B.A. in Urban Admin.
Consultant, KPMG
Consultant, Deloitte
Vice President, KUDOS